First Game Run-through!

Everyone better be excited!

Our first game run through is on the 2nd of April. This run through will consist of a sample group of 6th form students coming to visit the university!

They are in for 90 minutes of murder mystery solving fun. Their fun day will start to become better! being dropped into solving a murder…and the best thing is, they have no idea yet.

For Wednesday we created a shorter version of the game, consisting of one murder room, where the students will have to guess who it was that coimmitted the murder, what was used to do it and what the motive was. (This is different to the longer version of the game)

and whilst one group is in the murder room, the other group has to complete 2 challenges outside of the room. Points will be awarded and some will a 1st and 2nd place!

Video’s of how the game went and how we introduced everything will be up hopefully by the end of this week, so pay clear attention to this page to find out more about the game!

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